Hamel: Happy Journal #31

Opinion Editor Peyton Hamel states her excitement about going back to campus. 

Peyton Hamel

I can’t decide if I’m anxious or excited to go back to school. I am slowly waking up earlier and earlier just because my body decides it doesn’t want to sleep any later — even if I’m exhausted.

When I woke up this morning at 6:22 a.m., I couldn’t get back to sleep. (I wanted to glue my eyes shut I was so exhausted.) I know I’m not the only one whose body adjusts to school scheduling even a month before school starts. Right?

In all honesty, I am extremely excited to get back on campus. I’m living in my favorite residence hall, have an impeccable lab to work in, am taking classes I’m ecstatic for and I work for the Daily (what could possibly be better than that?). I know I’m excited because, sometimes, when I’m driving, I forget where I am.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado, which is starkly different than Ames, Iowa. Yet, I still get confused. When I zone out, sometimes I think I’m in Ames instead of Denver. I imagine I’m driving on Lincoln Way toward Target, and in those few seconds, I am happy.

Even though half of my classes are online, that doesn’t mean my connections to campus and the students among it will wither. I have even made plans with some of my pals for when I return to campus. 

  • Buy a hammock
  • Visit the Center for LGBTQIA+
  • Grab some exfoliating face masks and other self-care items
  • Try swing dancing
  • And a bunch of lunch dates that await my presence

The anxious part of me is like everyone else’s: can I handle online classes for that long? Will my mental health survive? How different will Iowa State really be? The outcomes at this point in time are unknown, and it is a little terrifying. But, at the very least, we can support each other and make sure we all are making it through one way or another. 

Iowa State will not be the same, but at least we will be!