Hamel: Happy Journal #12


Columnist Peyton Hamel respects and encourages students to utilize unique DIY ways to study for finals at home.

Peyton Hamel

I really wish I had chalk so I could study like that lucky student. So colorful, so neat, so aesthetic. My chemistry needs some work before I attempt that final, let’s just put it that way. I should really get some chalk. 

Now that we don’t have the library, other students or our whiteboards scattered across campus, we have needed to get a little creative. If you were lucky, your professor axed your final and said, “Adiós, H.A.G.S.” (Have A Good Summer). Although, if I were to have chalked my chemistry review problems across my driveway and street, I can only imagine the neighborhood children asking me what the heck I’m doing, beginning a whole whirlpool I don’t want to swim in, so it’s probably best I don’t have any chalk. 

You know what’s great about chalk? If you mess up, you can definitely act like it never happened. Just take a hose to that sucker and BAM! Did you make a mistake? Don’t know. I have a chalkboard in my room that I plan on using, but it isn’t quite the size of a driveway. Lucky duck. 

I was so excited to see the photo above because we, as students, are getting creative and using our resources to the best of our ability in order to be the most studious students we can (at a distance). In the long run, I believe this will help us with study tools in the future, at least for the students who choose to study, because we are being resourceful. 

If any parent, student, faculty or staff has any recommendations for studying in a fun way like the chalk, let me know! I would love to share it as finals continue throughout the week! You can send them to [email protected]. We can do this. Keep trudging through. 

Good luck on finals!