Five video games to keep in touch with nature


“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” takes the beloved adventurer Link on a nature odyssey. 

Limelight Staff

With social distancing and self-isolation arriving at the beginning of spring, one might feel disconnected from the great outdoors while stuck indoors. Luckily, video games make it possible to form a connection with nature while staying safe inside avoiding a global pandemic. Here are five video games perfect for playing with your windows open. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The latest main-series entry into the classic Legend of Zelda series brings the Hylian warrior Link closer to nature than every before. Survive and explore a beautiful open world inhabited by surprises and adventures behind every corner. You’ll ride your trusty steed across plains, mountains, forests, deserts and more. With an all new inventory, looting and combat system with an addition of trademark puzzle-solving, “Breath of the Wild” provides an addicting and rewarding experience for “Legend of Zelda” fans and newcomers. The game’s artistically created world is a testament to modern video game technology and what can be done within the medium. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Not only is the new entry into the “Animal Crossing” series the most gorgeous version of the franchise, the deserted island your character inhabits grows into a bustling community, which you become connected to. While fishing on the beach for a massive catch and roaming colorful fields of flowers looking for rare bugs is enough to make the player feel like they’re living in the most beautiful spring afternoon, your animal neighbors provide a social experience away from social distancing. Making “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” a part of your daily lockdown routine can provide a calming and relaxing getaway from reality and give you a transport to a cozy island of your design.

Stardew Valley

Have you ever thought of ditching all responsibilities and making a life for yourself out on the countryside? In “Stardew Valley,” you inherent a long neglected farm and do just that. There’s a lot more to do in “Stardew Valley” than just grow virtual crops and breed virtual cattle. You become a member of a farm town small community, giving you the opportunity to make new friendships or meet the love of your life. You can explore caves and fight monsters, catch fish, attend the flower dance and a lot more while tending to your increasingly impressive farm, all while basking in the rich pleasures of working in the outdoors. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Whether or not you’re a “gamer” by any means, at the end of the day, “Skyrim” is a game you can always rely on. It’s truly the ultimate way to waste time, and the game is especially flexible because of how loose the rules are. If you’re an easily distracted type, sometimes all you want to do is have your character run around and explore through the miles and miles of intricate, mesmerizing scenery and letting the trouble come find you instead of completing the quests as instructed. Skyrim is revered for its scenery design and calming, rustic aesthetics while simultaneously remaining one of the most consistently action-packed and immersive games on the market. Whether you’re the type to battle bandits and dragons or the type to admire the game’s art and nature, Skyrim is a timeless classic that has something for everybody.


“Minecraft” is a great way to stay connected to nature during quarantine. The game starts immediately by dropping the player off in a random location on the map, and players must use the environment to their own advantage. By using materials gathered from trees, animals, crops, flowers and more, players must fend for themselves by living off the land. Not only do the outdoor elements of “Minecraft” make users feel closer to nature, but the ambiance from the soundtrack does nothing but add to this sensation. The calm piano music and freedom to do whatever the player wants is a great way to feel in control when things feel out of control. It’s a very therapeutic game, whether players are locked in due to quarantine or not.