Hamel: Happy Journal #11


Columnist Peyton Hamel desperately encourages you to write a letter to someone you care about. 

Peyton Hamel

Does anyone else really enjoy receiving letters in the mail recently? I see my name on an envelope and I nearly bust out my socks in pure excitement. Even though they aren’t letters from my S.O., I do get excited. It’s not even excitement from waiting for a check. Just. Plain. Old. Mail.

The letter I opened today happened to be a bill payment from a mere inconvenient visit to the hospital back in January, but exciting nonetheless! (I just know that someone took time out of their day to write me that statement, put it in the mail, then someone else drove that envelope directly to my mailbox.) In the back of my mind I’m screaming “AAAAHHHH! Human coooonttaaaact!

Am I craving human attention? Uh, absolutely. But, who isn’t? 

Dear friends of mine in the Ames community and beyond, write someone a letter. Heck, if you have no one to write a letter to, write me a letter. A peer of mine just last week bought… who knows how many envelopes and postage stamps just so she could write letters. Even to complete strangers. 

We are all craving authenticity lately, a change in scenery. You could make someone’s day by writing a letter. Or, better yet, write a letter to someone in your house and put it in your mailbox (of course in a way so that it doesn’t actually go anywhere) for the fun of it. 

I love my letters. They are getting me through Prep Week slowly, but surely. We have a week and a half left before summer officially begins (kind of)! We can do this. Keep trudging through. Write someone a letter.