University Library announces home delivery option for tech and books


An Iowa State English professor made changes to the course syllabus to match the university policy.

Logan Metzger

The University Library has announced new ways for Iowa State to reach services that were otherwise not available until now through home delivery.

Iowa State students, faculty and staff have been able to get library resources delivered right to their front doors since April 20. The new services, “Tech Lending Delivery” and “Library Material Delivery,” were created to increase access to essential technology and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the University Library website.

Library Material Delivery grants access to books, CDs, movies and bound journals, whereas Tech Lending Delivery provides students with off-campus access to laptops, iPads, hotspots and additional equipment.

“Over the last month, the library’s main priority has been to improve support for faculty, staff and students in a virtual environment,” said Hilary Seo, interim dean of the University Library. “Our staff have been working diligently to not only bolster our existing services but innovate new solutions to meet evolving campus needs. Tech Lending Delivery and Library Material Delivery are a testament to this.”

All items requested through these services are shipped via USPS or FedEx within 24 hours of submitting a request, except on weekends, according to the University Library website. Requests submitted after noon on April 24 will be shipped the following Monday. Items can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.

All items are shipped free of charge.

Upon delivery, the package will include all requested items, a note with return instructions and a return shipping label. The library encourages people to keep the original box for returns.

The library encourages people to use the label that came with the items to return those items. Return labels cannot be used for additional items, as the library is prepaying by weight, according to the University Library website.

Tech Lending Delivery

Tech Lending Delivery provides undergraduate and graduate students with off-campus access to laptops, iPads, hotspots, chargers and more.

To view or check out available equipment, visit

During checkout, people will be prompted for their delivery information, which includes address, city, state and zip code.

In addition to the regular checkout process, people will also need to consent to the library’s equipment checkout agreement, acknowledging their responsibilities regarding damage, theft, late return, as well as the terms and conditions for checkout.

After submitting a request, Tech Lending staff will review and notify a person once it’s approved via a confirmation email. The email will include details about the requested items, address and tracking information. Equipment will be checked out to the person the day it ships.

All technology is due back by May 13, 2020.

Library Material Delivery

Library Material Delivery allows Iowa State students, faculty and staff access to thousands of books, CDs, movies and bound journals in the comfort of their own homes.

To request library materials through this service, the library has step-by-step order instructions on their website.

After requesting an item, patrons will receive a confirmation email with details about the requested items and the address, similar to Tech Lending.

Items can be shipped to locations in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.

Undergraduate students and merit staff can check out items for 12 weeks. Graduate students, faculty and P&S staff have until May 7, 2021, to return items.

To view a return date, click on “My Library Card” located on the University Library website.