Letter: Dear people in power and professors


Letter writer Trinity Dearborn argues that since students are going through a global pandemic, professors and Iowa State should be more compassionate and supportive.

Trinity Dearborn

This letter previously contained incorrect information about online classes and the pass/fail policy. This letter has been updated with the correct information. The daily regrets this error.

It is ridiculous that students are expected to function and perform at the same level that we did before entering a global pandemic. Many of us have been sent home to less than ideal environments (and that’s being light), having to pick up full-time jobs, having to deal with internet or technology issues and generally dealing with the collective traumatic experience of living through a global pandemic.

Where are professors’ compassion and support? Where is Iowa State’s compassion and support? ISU is doing the worst at refunding students out of all three regent schools. Why can’t activity fees be refunded? How is that fair when we are unable to use those resources? How am I paying for full price when I am not getting a full education? Why are our professors giving more work than ever and grading harsher than ever?

Is living through this difficult time not a good enough reason? I have a wonderful professor who is excusing any assignments that don’t get turned in; they understand how difficult of a time this is for many students.

Yes, some students might take advantage of the policy to just not do work, but I can guarantee the majority that use it genuinely are struggling and this is a huge relief.

Are you matching this level of compassion and support? I have friends going hungry because they can’t afford food. I have friends forced to go back to abusive homes. I have friends having mental breakdowns almost everyday because of classes. What are you going to do about it? 

I am tired, scared, have lost almost all motivation and still I have the spite, anger, concern and worry to write this. What am I to do when my life needs to come before classes but it can’t without negative consequences?