Letter: Reynolds needs to stand with Iowans


Letter writer Lynn Gallagher says Gov. Kim Reynolds should stop approving factory farm construction permits during the pandemic.

Lynn Gallagher

Right now, all Iowans should be worried about is taking care of themselves, their loved ones and staying safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible with the Reynolds administration rolling back nearly all environmental protections from the factory farm industry while continuing to rubber-stamp factory farm construction permits. 

That’s why Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is demanding Reynolds put an immediate six-month halt on the approval of all factory farm construction permits.

Iowa already has over 10,000 factory farms, which are known environmental hazards, contributing to over 760 impaired waterways in the state. We know more than 90 percent of the nitrogen and 75 percent of the phosphorus polluting Iowa’s waterways comes from industrial agricultural practices and factory farms. 

The facts are there. What’s missing is the political will of elected officials to work for everyday Iowans, not corporate interests. 

It’s ridiculous that the factory farm industry is allowed to continue to exploit our state while Iowans are dealing with a global health pandemic.

If Gov. Kim Reynolds wants to stand with the interest of everyday Iowans, not the corporate-controlled factory farm industry, she must enact an immediate six-month moratorium.