Hamel: Happy Journal #7


Columnist Peyton Hamel raves about the Georgia Aquarium once again. 

Peyton Hamel

The Georgia Aquarium truly makes my heart swim. I am now back to relying on animals to cure my quarantine times. Not only had they allowed puppies to roam the halls of their beautiful aquarium (as you might remember in Happy Journal #2, but kittens as well! And let me tell you firsthand: cute! I probably watched both videos four or five times each, alternating between them. This truly does say how much free time I have on Wednesdays. 

Imagine you’re a scuba diver, feeding your fish at your local aquarium (also, how cool of a job would that be during a global pandemic), and you see cats or dogs running around. I would cough on water. Sometimes, for fun, I like to interpret my pet’s behavior like I’m an animal psychoanalyst because I want to make sure they love me. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. All I know is food is the best bribe. When I look at the pets running around the aquarium, here is my inner psychoanalyst talking: 

Dogs: Fish are cool and all, but man, why are they staring at me. I would rather take a nap after I run through literally any hall available. 

Cats: Gosh, you all look delicious. Why is that man underwater though?

I love Georgia. I also love their aquarium (clearly because I can’t stop raving about it). By exploring the depths of the web, I find myself adventuring through avenues I would never find if I hadn’t spent the time. It’s like how colleges advertise orientations or online tours: “Your online adventure starts here!” (I laugh at my own jokes way too much and they aren’t even funny.) 

While I was exploring, I found my mom… baking. She felt like experimenting and baked these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (one batch good, one batch not so good). I liked them, nonetheless, but does anyone else find themselves wandering the kitchen, then BAM! They’re baking? I keep seeing other people baking banana bread or different types of pies. I’m currently trying to find a good time to have my mom help me bake an apple pie, but if you know me well I burn things in the kitchen. I’m the type of person that burns popcorn easily. 

If any of you want to share your baking excursions, go ahead and send me a picture of your masterpiece at [email protected]! The newsroom would love to hear from you. Keep on trudging along, students!