Hamel: Happy Journal #9


Columnist Peyton Hamel recommends completing a puzzle in this time of severe boredom. 

Peyton Hamel

Anyone have any puzzle boxes lying around? My family has a particular box pile my mom created from some nearby cabinets. Every time I go into the downstairs living room, I can feel those boxes staring at me.

Does that ever happen to you? Where something inanimate is staring at you and you feel the urge to do it. For my mom, it’s anything messy, especially the kitchen. 

I feel like the puzzle was screaming at me: Do it. Keep your mind sharp. Don’t let it rot during social distancing. Quite a rude puzzle, if you ask me. I still haven’t completed a puzzle, but I’m sure I’ll crash soon. 

Did you know there are at least seven types of puzzles? We have crossword puzzles, mechanical puzzles, logic puzzles, math puzzles, word search puzzles, Sudoku and trivia puzzles. Words with Friends? Mahjong? My personal favorite is Sudoku, but I get pretty frustrated after awhile. 

Yesterday on Instagram, I saw a puzzle that had only black pieces. No picture. No color. Nothing. Just a black rectangle. Can you imagine how angry you would be halfway through that puzzle? Stay away from it. It’s only there to make you fail. Just kidding. It looks kind of fun.

Are any of you doing anything fun to sharpen your mind during social distancing? If so, how many hours have you spent on Words with Friends? (Mom, I’m talking to you.) If you have any fun suggestions, send them my way to [email protected]! Don’t let the puzzles get to you. 

Just remember, we can do this. Keep trudging through.