Editorial: Continue to live in the moment


The Iowa State Daily Editorial Board encourages students to focus on the now instead of the future, ensuring the future will be more than alright.

Editorial Board

Living in the moment seems to have been put on the back burner while this fiasco of a week comes to a blooming vision of unknown. For our own safety and to avoid panic, we are told to focus on our classes and live in the now, even though our futures are painstakingly unclear with the slowing spread of COVID-19. What a time to be a college student, right? 

Don’t forget that it is your wellness and safety that is priority, but that should not deter how you live your life and how you choose to be happy. We are forgetting to live in the now. Yes, please do wash your hands and take those extra measures to maintain an extra sanitary environment so that you and others, especially those who are more prone to illness, can be healthy. 

We recognize how stressful these times can be, which means it is that much more important that you take the time to care for yourself and live in the moment. Do what you enjoy to take the edge off, and take care of those around you who are especially uncertain. Now, more than ever, would be a great time to bond with your community and do something you all enjoy.

Spend time with and take care of your peers, especially those who are out-of-state or international. They are farther from home and probably need to do more fun activities. We know this does not absolve all of your worries about online classes and what will happen after the two week interim, but we do recognize that living in the now is more important than ever. 

Do not get too caught up in the future. The faculty and staff of the university are doing their absolute best to find the best possible solution for all students in regards to health and safety. They have a lot on their plate and will take care of you. We have no doubt that they will provide for any student of need. Keep focusing on your classes and appreciate the now, but make sure that you are staying sanitary! 

We know there is talk about whether this issue is too precautionary or right-on-the-dot. The reality is this: we don’t really know, and no one really does. At least we are at an institution that is willing to protect us and keep us safe. What more could we ask for? Worrying about the future is the job of the faculty, not ours, at the moment anyway. Keep the future in mind, but do not let it consume your thoughts too much. 

Besides, how will you be spending your spring break?

You have a whole week off so that you can enjoy your free time before we switch to two weeks of online classes. (That also means you have a lot more time to enjoy what you want to enjoy, more or less on your own terms). 

Stay updated, but attempt to stay off your phone and enjoy the cool air, nice weather and people around you. 

Do not let the chaos of life take away from you and your happy moments.