Editorial: Key points for Student Government to focus on


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

The Iowa State Daily Editorial Board identifies some key points they think the newly elected Student Government should focus on, such as diversity and transparency.

Editorial Board

As we start thinking about next school year already, there’s a lot to plan and consider. Registration is happening soon for upperclassmen and summer internships and jobs are right around the corner. Even here at the Iowa State Daily we are talking about preparations for next year and applications for our leadership positions are opening. 

Iowa State’s Student Government recently had their elections for new leadership, with a new president, Morgan Fritz, vice president, Jacob Schrader, and numerous new and old senators and representatives being elected to serve our student body. 

It’s great to have a mix of veteran and fresh representatives to bring different perspectives to Student Government. After seeing this past year’s Student Government and administration, these are issues that the ISD Editorial Board thinks are important for Student Government to focus on next year.

Action and getting things done and accomplished is the major goal the board has for the new representatives. If you want something to change, go out and talk to people, get people together. You have a platform to show what a lot of students are thinking and are actually concerned about, so please use it effectively. 

Being transparent and educating people on the process of what Student Government does is another point we would like to emphasize. People in clubs and organizations usually know how the process works to request funding, but other than that a lot of people can’t name a few things that Student Government does. So doing education outreach, tabling outside of Parks Library, putting out informative posters or fliers that students can keep easily are all ways to keep this up. The Instagram account is a great start, the recaps are great.

Finally, diversity and representation are key points we think should be focused on. Student Government represents over 30,000 students who come from all different backgrounds and have all different experiences. You can’t serve your community if you don’t know about those in it or take everyone into consideration.

We encourage Student Government to make the most of their time in office and understand the chances they have to make real, true change on our campus. You represent different groups on campus and our ideas so get out into your communities and listen, engage and learn.