Hamel: Happy Journal #3

Columnist Peyton Hamel continues her Happy Journal ventures into the digital world. 

Peyton Hamel

Good day, everyone! Welcome to the midway point of the official second week of online classes. I truly hope everyone is getting into the swing of this what-in-the-world-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-myself feeling while at home.

Last week was a great adjustment period where we didn’t actually have to get out of bed or put on clothes. Did any of you get dressed this morning? This week? At all? (My version of getting dressed is putting on a different pair of leggings than the day before and a T-shirt.) Nonetheless, even if you changed clothes, that, my friend, is getting dressed!

Along the lines of getting dressed, has anyone cleaned their room? Made their beds? (Did I just open a rabbit hole of “don’t talk about it”?) This is what my room looks like: 

My room is so CLEAN and ORGANIZED, and the outside is just as nice. I picked all my weeds, planted some flowers. I have people coming to visit all the time, too!

All jokes aside, Animal Crossing has taken up more of my time than I would like to admit. My actual room is clean, but my bed is a disaster. Hopefully, all of you are doing much better than me. (At least I got dressed?)

Animal Crossing has been my little at-home project since I got back from Iowa State. I have also been reading a ton. Are any of you reading any books now that you have more time and are at home? This is the stack I am attempting to wade through currently: 

It’s not like online classes are the only thing that can keep me busy. I am doing my absolute best to socially distance myself from the rest of society, even though the temptations are way greater to get away than they are to stay at home. (At least I can adventure on my island in Animal Crossing.)

If you have a reading list you want to share with me, by all means send it in! I can compile a reading list in the next few journals that I believe are worth reading. 

Better yet, if you have Animal Crossing and believe you have the best room! If you have the best one, I will showcase it in the Daily! (I know not only I will appreciate it, but so will the entire newsroom. We love Animal Crossing.)

Send anything you have to [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!