Editorial: We are here for you


ISD Editorial Board ensures students and community members of Iowa State and Ames that they are here to inform and serve them in the best way possible. 

Editorial Board

We have officially survived one week of online classes, and for a lot of us, that means working from home or being forced to take time off our jobs.

Not only are jobs being impacted by the recent pandemic, but socializing and daily life as we knew it have been turned upside down. Change can be scary, especially at times like these when change is all we know. It seems like everyday we wake up and the situation in our country is different.

With all this change, the ISD Editorial Board wants to emphasize that we are still here for you. Our content will still be coming out daily on social media and in your email inbox, just like it has all year long. We are and want to continue to be a constant in your life throughout these rough times.

Our staff is working harder than ever to cover this pandemic safely and remotely but also with the utmost care and dedication. This is an unprecedented time in history, and someday, these articles, and hell, maybe even this editorial, will be in a history book one day. 

For safety measures and keeping our staff healthy, we won’t be printing a physical copy of the Iowa State Daily for the remainder of the semester, but like we said earlier, our content is still here for you (and all the time). 

It’s times like these where local journalism is more important than ever. The Iowa State Daily’s purpose is to serve solely the Ames and Iowa State community. We are dedicated to telling your stories and keeping you up-to-date on the issues and news that will impact you most as a member of this community.

Cyclones are spread out all over the world right now, and we hope our content keeps everyone across the globe informed with what you need to know regarding Iowa State and its community.

If you have thoughts and want to submit a letter to the editor, we would be more than happy to read and publish it. If you have story ideas or have ways we could be serving you better, let us know. Talk with us; we truly care about your thoughts and perspectives on all the changes COVID-19 has brought with it. This is also unknown territory for us, as it is with a lot of other media organizations. We are trying to learn all that we can. 

So please, stay inside and practice social distancing. We will be here for you, gathering the information you need to know so that while staying safe, you aren’t missing out on anything you need to know. Our journalists will continue to keep you well-informed throughout these troubling times as well as long after it is all over. 

It’s an honor to serve the Iowa State community each and every day, especially during times like these where we can impact our audience around the globe.