Memorial Union closed to the public amid COVID-19 concerns


The Memorial Union at sunset.

Sage Smith

Iowa State’s Memorial Union closed at 7 p.m. March 17 and will remain closed to the public until further notice in an effort to prioritize students, faculty, staff and visitors’ safety.

The closure of the Memorial Union was a result of the ongoing concerns about COVID-19.

There will be no public access to any spaces, departments or offices in the Memorial Union. The parking ramp will stay open but no access to the Memorial Union building from the ramp will be available.

In a statement about the closure on the Memorial Union’s website, it was said the Memorial Union “has always been the living room of the Iowa State campus.”

During this closure, the statement said those at the Memorial Union will be doing their best to deliver some favorite parts of the Memorial Union to people’s own living rooms.

“Stay tuned, stay safe, stay positive, stay informed,” states the website. “The building is closed but our hearts are open, and we’ll continue to do what we can to take care of you, our MU community.”