Happy Journal #1

Columnist Peyton Hamel poses in her new workspace at home for social distancing. 

Peyton Hamel

Hello, fellow humans! Today is a very exciting day because it is the beginning of a new series for the newsroom, which does not encompass COVID-19 related news or anything sad along the way. This is a little something I call “Happy Journal”.

I realize we are all (hopefully) attempting to do our best when it comes to social distancing or complying to the rules of quarantine. These times definitely are not the most fun, but here we are surviving. On the brighter side of the pandemic, this might just be the easiest apocalyptic-type event we ever experience in the history of the universe (probably). Hooray to that (right?)!

Here is what the “Happy Journal” will consist of every Monday and Wednesday:

1. Something cute

2. Something fun(ny)

3. Something to help us get through this really weird time

4. Time to take a breath and get away from the bad juju

Plus, I want to get to know what you all are doing during your time in quarantine. If you’re working or studying at home, what does your new workspace look like? Is it your bed? Is it your patio (if you live somewhere warm)? Is it the desk that you have had for 15 years? Here’s mine. As you can see, my furry feline decided to photobomb my picture after attempting to do my chemistry homework for me (I am not so sure he can struggle much more than me).

Students and people in the workforce alike: send me a picture of your workspace! I might just post a few, depending on how creative you get…

I have seen quite a variety of Facebook posts of families either bonding, fighting or anything in between. My all-time favorite Facebook post has to be a dad and his daughter competing in a dance-off against each other (because what else is there better to do when you have to work at home?). Give it a spin and check it out here. Also, if you really want something to do, vote on who is better in the comments. You will not want to miss it. (The dad jokes are better than the dance itself.)

Some of you are dying to get out of the house because you’re stuck inside. Don’t fret! I found an exercise activity that will make you want to lay in bed for a week straight. Here are the details for this ravaging activity:

I am very excited for upcoming journals to see what everyone is doing with their newfound time and space at home! Stay tuned (and send me those pictures to [email protected] if you want to be a part of a community thread for workspaces).

No matter how stressful these times can be, we can get through this together.