Guest Column: Elizabeth Warren is best on climate


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

Guest columnist Jane Cranston believes the biggest issue society is facing is the climate crisis. Cranston argues that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate to tackle the issue.

Jane Cranston

There is one issue facing our country that trumps all others, and that is the climate crisis. What is more dire than the destruction of the planet?

We must ask ourselves: which candidate can best deal with the climate crisis? People are so used to dealing with climate science deniers that they think anyone who accepts the reality of the climate crisis will be sufficient to solve the problem. That is not true. The person that we elect must have a plan they can implement quickly, and they must be able to marshal enough support to pass the needed legislation.

Elizabeth Warren is the country’s best hope to solve the climate crisis. An independent environmental group rated all the candidates. Warren, Steyer, and Sanders were the only ones to receiving an ‘A’ rating. In all likelihood, Steyer will drop out, and Bernie has a long track record of not getting things done.

In addition, Bernie’s plan (although full of lofty goals) costs $16 trillion, whereas Elizabeth’s plan costs two trillion (paid for by receding recent tax cuts), and Elizabeth has a long history of getting things done. She has a concrete plan for dealing with climate issues that was endorsed by the environmental candidate Jay Inslee. 

Ending the climate crisis is not just a matter of understanding that climate change is real but also having a practical and detailed plan that can be quickly implemented and win enough support. Read for yourself and then vote for Elizabeth Warren. The world depends on it.