Letter from the editor: Welcome to Iowa State


Photo by Katherine Kealey

Beardshear Hall was constructed in 1906 and serves as the administration building at Iowa State University.


Welcome to Iowa State; on behalf of the Iowa State Daily, we are happy to have ya!

Whether you are a returning student or a freshman, there is so much possibility with the start of a new school year. It’s easy to set goals and find motivation during a new beginning.

Katherine Kealey is a senior majoring in journalism and political science. She serves as the editor in chief of the Iowa State Daily for the 2022-2023 school year. (Photo by Jacob Rice/ Iowa State Daily)

The Iowa State Daily is here to highlight the diversity of thought that comes with a college campus. Every day the Daily Dose will be in your email filled with news and entertainment tailored to the Ames and Iowa State community. We are a student-run non-profit publication with the goal of sharing information that helps you make informed decisions.

So while you’re here expanding your knowledge in your preferred field, I encourage you to take advantage of the Iowa State Daily, as well as local news in general, to learn about events happening around you. Even though we are all majoring in specific areas of studies, college should be a time where our knowledge grows as a whole.

Come mid-semester, after many late nights, parking tickets and ramen dinners, you may find yourself questioning why you signed up for this. I always try to remind myself that education is not a sprint. It is a matter of endurance.

Aside from taking notes and going to classes, establishing relationships with my peers has always helped me push through the many steep hills that come over the course of college.

There is so much learning to be done in and out of the classroom while at Iowa State. A university setting should present the beauty of differences and the opportunity to debate. Expect to interact with people who will challenge your beliefs.

If you are finding holes in our content, reach out to us and join the team. Any student, no matter their experience or major, can join the Daily. We have opportunities in writing, advertisement, photography, public relations and more. Otherwise, we are always looking for tips; you can email me at [email protected].