Student Wellness to encourage positive sexual health on campus

A student speaks with a staff member at Thielen Health Center. 

Avery Staker

Student Wellness is looking out for students and creating positive sexual health messages by placing contraceptives and sexual resources around campus. 

Students looking for information on sexual health can find everything they need on the Student Wellness website. The site contains information on resources for LGBTQIA+ students, including an article written by the Human Rights Campaign entitled “Safer Sex for Trans Bodies,” safer sex practices, STI testing, healthy relationships and sexual misconduct.

Student Wellness highly values viewing sexual health as an interconnected web of various parts and not simply disease prevention and contraception. Student Wellness’ goal is to keep Iowa State students safe and healthy, and no part of the web is less important than the others; programs like the LGBTQIA+ Center for Student Success, Condom Availability and ACCESS share the spotlight in protecting students.

The Condom Availability Program stationed condom dispensers in various student hubs around campus. State Gym and Lied Recreation Center each have two dispensers located by their male and female locker rooms.

The Memorial Union has dispensers in each of its first floor restrooms and one in its gender-neutral restroom on the second floor. Other contraceptives and safe-sex items, like dental dams (thin sheets of latex that are made for protection during oral sex) and lubricants, can be picked up for free at Thielen or the Student Wellness Center in A37 Friley Hall.

The website details ways to receive affordable HIV and STI testing on campus and in the Ames community. The Thielen Student Health Center offers free, confidential testing for students. To schedule an appointment, students can call (515) 294-5801. Thielen can refer students to Planned Parenthood, Informed Choice or Ames Primary Health Care, all of which have affordable, confidential testing, not only for HIV and STIs but for urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections as well.

For information and resources on sexual misconduct, the website has a tab on ACCESS (Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support). The page has information on how to identify sexual misconduct and how to deal with the aftermath. Students can call ACCESS at (515) 292-0500 to set up an appointment with a trained advocate to discuss options. Everything discussed is completely protected by law, and the advocate cannot disclose any information without the student’s permission.

Student Wellness also has resources for students to interact with other students, including Peer Wellness Educators, Cyde Kicks and Student Health Wellness Ambassadors. In these programs, students are trained to engage with other students on improving healthy behavior.

For more information, students can call Student Wellness at (515) 294-1099, email at or visit the office in A37 Friley Hall. Students can also follow Student Wellness on all social media @BeWellISU.