Rasmussen: Why voting blue no matter who shouldn’t apply to Michael Bloomberg


Columnist Olivia Rasmussen thinks partisanship shouldn’t matter more to some than a presidential candidate’s history, policy and ideas.

Olivia Rasmussen

Michael Bloomberg is running as a Democrat to allegedly defeat Donald Trump. Photos and videos have been circulating throughout the internet showing Bloomberg as a buddy of Trump’s. Beyond the recorded friendship between the two, they’re quite similar in their treatment of women, people of color and other minority communities such as the transgender community.

Politico drafted up a “Who Said It” segment of quotes from Trump and quotes from Bloomberg. The article outlines many instances in Bloomberg’s career where he has said nasty, sexist and degrading remarks such as referring to a woman as a “horsey faced lesbian” and “some fat broad.” The remarks are disgusting, but not as horrifying as Bloomberg’s sexual harassment history and allegations. Some 64 women have come forward with complaints and lawsuits against Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s racist past is turning up to haunt him now. He’s been reciting shells of meaningless apologies for the policies themselves but not the racist comments that go along with them. Stop and frisk was implemented in New York City as a means to allegedly decrease crime. The folks targeted were mainly brown and black people because Bloomberg as said, “I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little.” He also blamed the stopping of redlining, which is the practice of refusing insurance and/or loans to folks living in low-income neighborhoods (which was usually racially charged), as one of the reasons behind the Great Recession of 2008.

A 2019 clip of Bloomberg has resurfaced of him referring to a transgender person as “some guy wearing a dress” and proceeded to refer to the individual as an “it.” A 2016 video of Bloomberg speaking at Oxford shows him repeating the same transphobic remarks of “some man wearing a dress…”

His dehumanizing remarks come as no surprise. Bloomberg is another racist, sexist, transphobic billionaire running a corrupt campaign to become the next president. The only difference is party affiliation. Staunch Democrats are grasping onto the idea that anyone is better than Trump but how can ignorance run so deep in their veins after analyzing Bloomberg in the same light? The foolish are being blinded by their own partisanship. Simply because Bloomberg slaps on a Democrat sticker doesn’t make him any different.

Democrats should be denouncing him the way they do Trump. If Bloomberg was sincere about beating Trump, he would have run against him as a Republican, but he’s running as a Democrat to ensure that Sen. Bernie Sanders does not get the nominee because billionaires must stick together.

Being stuck in the mindset of voting for whoever the Democratic nominee is, regardless of analyzing the candidate and their policies, is a dangerous game to play. Bloomberg is synonymous to Trump. We still have plenty of time to organize for, donate to and rally behind a candidate that actually represents the values and morals we have. Sen. Sanders is still leading in the polls and is the only candidate during the previous debate who said he believes that the majority should choose the nominee if required delegate count isn’t reached. Everyone else on the stage agreed to let super delegates (one super delegate has the voting power of roughly 8,000 voters) choose the nominee. That is not how democracy works but we are still latching onto a system like caucuses and the electoral college. Whoever has the majority of the vote should be the nominee and Sen. Sanders is the only one who agrees with that statement.