Student Government debates increasing scholarship for the finance director


Student Government senators discuss the agenda during the Feb. 19 Student Government meeting.

Cassie Lehmann

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to clarify the language regarding the tobacco policy. The Iowa State Daily regrets this error.

Student Government addressed a bill that would change a scholarship receiving, looked at two funding bills, seated a senator to the Public Relations Committee and passed a resolution in support of a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Currently, the finance director of Student Government receives a scholarship equivalent to three-fourths in-state undergraduate tuition.

During Annual Allocations, the finance director spends over 60 hours with club questions, budget requests and line-item transfers, according to the document. Due to the heavy workload of the finance director, Sen. Travis Lipford, senior in finance, introduced a bill to have the scholarship change for the position.

With the scholarship offering the equivalent to in-state undergraduate tuition, the bill garnered discussion.

“A three-fourths scholarship, I think, is adequate to compensate for the role,” said Jacob Schrader, vice speaker and junior in economics and political science. “This position means that you probably cannot hold a job for many other hours. So that the reason behind the compensation, we want to make sure people can do the role and not have finances be an issue, but I don’t think we should be spending more money on ourselves. We are all asked to sacrifice for the sake of the organization, so with that, I would be against this bill.”

Following along the same lines, Sen. Anand Advait, freshman in food science, was also against the bill.

“This is something of a bad look, given that we’re having enrollment go down and financing going up,” Sen. Advait said. “It’s easy for students to say, ‘Oh, Student Government cut funding for clubs and funding criteria, and then they pay themselves an extra $2,000. Given that we are looking to build trust, I am not really sure that it’s a good message to send out.”

The bill ultimately failed with a vote of 5-21-3.

Furthermore, Student Government looked at two funding bills.

The Kuwaiti Student Association will be holding an event to celebrate a national holiday. The organization requested $1,137 from the Events account to cover catering, the room rental and light package.

Although the event would not be eligible through the Priorities and Criteria bylaws, the funding bill was up for debate.

“My first semester here, a person in my class was racist towards me, and that made me so insecure at Iowa State,” said someone from the Kuwaiti Student Association. “And that made me insist more on showing my fellow students who we are and what we are. And I want to celebrate this national day with everyone in this university. I wish we could show them who we really are and count us as one of them and not different.”

The bill passed with a vote 20-8-1.

Sen. Ian Searles, senior in geology, also presented a bill to purchase a bluetooth controller for Student Government presentations. The controller would require $25 from the Senate Discretionary account.

The bill passed with a vote of 23-3-1.

Additionally, Student Government sat Sen. Mariana Gonzalez, junior in political science and public relations, to the Public Relations committee.

Sen. Gonzalez was approved with unanimous consent.

Then, Sen. Kate Alucard, second year student in veterinary medicine, presented a bill to support the Comprehensive Tobacco-Free Campus Policy.

The bill updated the definition to include all tobacco products that already do exist along with products that may exist in the future. The intent was to ensure the university policy is ahead of the tobacco industry and products will be treated in the same way.

The bill passed with a vote of 24-2-1.

Student Government elections will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can cast your vote at

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The Senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.