OneApp scholarship deadline approaching for students


Garrett Heyd

The deadline for students to fill out scholarships on OneApp is March 2. OneApp has a general application that evaluates students’ eligibility for Iowa State scholarships.

Quinn Vandenberg

The Iowa State OneApp system is currently taking applications for scholarships from students. Applications will be accepted through the online portal until Monday, according to the Iowa State Office of Financial Aid website.

The OneApp online system provides students with a general application that evaluates their eligibility for Iowa State scholarships.

Students can access the system through the Iowa State Financial Aid website at Login requires an individual’s ISUNet-ID login.

Once the OneApp website is accessed, applicants will be given a series of questionnaires. These surveys are divided into multiple portions including a general application, a college application and an application for the Office of Student Financial Aid.

The general application portion asks applicants a series of multiple choice and open-ended questions. Some of these questions are not mandatory and can be filled out at the discretion of the students.

Several optional questions ask applicants about their parent’s educational and financial history. All students are required to list their marital status and number of children.

The general application portion also asks students to fill out a series of open-ended questions. These short essays are capped at 250 words and ask the applicants to write about their financial situation, reason for attending Iowa State, educational and career goals and participation in any extracurricular activities.

The application also covers a wide array of the student’s history by asking applicants about their work history, military service, leadership roles, study abroad experience and participation in the performing arts.

The college-specific portion of the application has several short questions pertaining to career aspirations and research history. The open-ended questions in this portion have a 400-word limit. Students of certain colleges may also have the option to upload a portfolio.

The Office of Student Financial Aid portion of the application asks several yes or no questions, including whether the student would like to be considered for scholarships administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Students have the option to save an incomplete application for editing without officially submitting it.

It is also possible for students to write answers for open-ended questions in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and then copy their written text into the application, which may avoid the loss of work from not saving on time.