Editorial: Respect CyRide drivers


Blake Lanser/Iowa State Daily

The Iowa State Daily Editorial Board writes that people should respect the CyRide drivers and to thank them when they get off the bus.

Editorial Board

It’s a blizzard outside, the roads are dicey, your car is stuck in a snow drift in a parking lot and you have an exam all the way across campus in an hour. How do you make it to your exam on time? The answer is simple, you take CyRide. 

CyRide drivers do not get enough credit. In terrible weather conditions, early hours of the morning and late hours on the weekend, they work in order to get us where we need to go safely. After being a student on campus for a while, you get used to taking the bus daily or weekly and it becomes part of your routine. It can be easy to forget the work that the drivers put in to help us out.

You can imagine the craziness the Moonlight Express drivers deal with on Friday nights when the bars get out. While a lot of passengers are usually respectful, there are also people who make the driver’s jobs a lot harder.

Have you ever had a CyRide driver wait for you when you were running from a few feet away? The buses technically aren’t supposed to wait for you, so make sure you express your thanks. Have you ever had a CyRide driver let you ride without your ID because you left it at home? Have you ever had a CyRide driver wish you a good day or night when you got off? I’m sure you or a friend have experienced at least one of these things. A lot of the drivers help us out even when they probably aren’t supposed to, so the least you can do is say a simple “thank you.”

Not to mention, the camaraderie between the drivers, the one finger wave is a staple within Iowa State’s campus. 

So tell your driver “thank you” when you get off the bus, if a driver especially made your day make sure to call CyRide and tell them how much you appreciate them. Especially during the busy, rainy days on campus, when everyone seems to be waiting for 23 Orange at the Beardshear stop, move back when they tell you to, they are just doing their jobs and want as many people to stay dry and safe and get to where they need to go.

So thank you, CyRide drivers. We thank you for all you do for our campus and community.