Letter: Elizabeth Warren can unite the Democratic party


Caitlin Yamada/ Iowa State Daily

Letter writer Abby Clyde supports Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic party. She argues that Warren can unite the Democratic party and beat Donald Trump.

Abby Clyde

I am writing today to express support for Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election. 

Although our universities are a thousand miles apart, we believe that our students likely have some priorities in common:

We want our government to work for all people, not the wealthy few.

We want refugees and immigrants to be protected in our country, not caged.

We want to invest in our future and build coalitions with our neighbors around the world to protect our planet for our generation and generations to come.

We want a level playing field where we aren’t burdened by huge amounts of student debt and health care costs.

And, we want a leader who will restore confidence in our nation’s government for Americans, and around the globe. 

We know every registered Democrat at Iowa State has a tough decision ahead of you, but we believe that one candidate has the right ideas and the right set of skills to lead us at this critical time in history.

Elizabeth Warren has proven time and again that she can create the needed coalitions to enact policies that protect our most vulnerable populations and improve the lives of students and working families. She has the humility to reassess what’s needed in a fast moving world and the courage to fight for what’s fair and right. She can unite our party and beat Donald Trump in November. 

This is our time in history, and Elizabeth Warren is the leader we want and need. Please support her this Monday. And, know that thousands of us are working hard here in Pennsylvania to turn our crucial swing state votes toward the right candidate for the job. We are a city of grit, and we want to tell you, Iowa State Democrats, we have your back.