Spotify releases playlists for pets


Spotify now allows pet owners to create playlists specifically for their pets.

Olivia Ruf

Music is no longer just for humans but for our loyal animal companions as well.

Spotify has introduced a new feature where members can create custom playlists for their pets.

On Jan. 15, the Swedish streaming service Spotify announced they have created a process to “help you craft the ‘pawfect’ algorithmically generated playlist for you and your pet to enjoy together,” according to Spotify’s website.

Spotify conducted an online survey with 5,000 pet owners from the U.S., U.K., Spain, Australia and Italy. They included some factual information with the release of this new option on the streaming service.

“Fifty-five percent of pet owners think their pet enjoys the same music as them,” according to Spotify’s website. “Most pet owners also think that music can reduce stress, boost happiness and keep their pets happy.”

Other statistics Spotify found included 80 percent of pet owners believe their pets like music, 71 percent of pet owners have played music for their pets, 69 percent of pet owners sing to their pets while 57 percent dance with their pets and almost one in five pet owners named their pets after a music group or artist.

The top five artist-inspired pet names are Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Bowie and Ozzy, according to Spotify’s website.

There are only four steps in creating a playlist for a pet.

Step one, listeners choose the type of pet they are making the playlist for. The list includes dogs, cats, iguanas, hamsters and birds. However, the website has yet to add fish and more exotic pets.

Step two asks for users to explain a little about their pet’s personality. Users measure their pet’s personality traits on a scale. A couple of questions ask if the pet is shy or friendly, or whether they are more relaxed or energetic. These personality scales help Spotify curate the perfect vibe for your pet’s playlist. The owner’s listening history also plays a large role in determining the pet’s music taste.

Step three is the playlist name and cover photo. Users enter their pet’s name and submit a photo for the cover of their playlist. Users will also receive a personalized share card to send to their friends when sending other listeners a link to the playlist.

Step four is simply to “listen and share.”

The audio streaming company has also announced the launch of a podcast with soothing music along with “dog-directed praise” and reassurance intended for dogs who spend time home alone as a way of de-stressing them while their owners are gone. According to CNN, Spotify collaborated with animal experts in curating these playlists.

To create a pet playlist on Spotify, go to the Spotify website and login with a pre-existing account or create a new account. This feature is open to users with premium and free accounts.