U-Bill organizes student fees and payments


Iowa State tuition is proposed to rise 4.25 percent.  

Avery Staker

Many Iowa State students have heard or seen the term “U-Bill” during their years here. But what exactly is the U-Bill?

According to Iowa State Accounts Receivable, the department which handles student fees, “U-Bill” stands for “University Bill.” Every payment an enrolled student makes to the university is on the U-Bill, from tuition to housing to required class materials. The U-Bill is issued on the first of every month and is due by the 20th.

If a student does not pay their U-Bill on time, Accounts Receivable will send an email saying there is a hold on the account with the missing payment. The student cannot register for classes, obtain a copy of their transcript or charge payments from the Book Store and other departments to their U-Bill until it is paid. 

Students can pay their U-Bill in different ways. One method includes linking a checking account and routing number to the U-Bill and paying online. Students can also drop off or mail checks to the Accounts Receivable office located in Beardshear Hall.

Accounts Receivable offers three different payment plans. First, students can pay in full or simply pay the account balance listed on the U-Bill by the given due date, with potential miscellaneous charges added throughout the semester.

Second is the Deferred Payment Plan. Students with this plan pay a $20 fee per semester on top of three installments per semester and are required to pay the minimum due listed on the U-Bill. 

The final plan is the Monthly Payment Plan, where students pay a $50 annual fee and payments are automatically made through a checking or savings account on the 20th of each month.

No matter what payment plan a student has, Accounts Receivable will send notifications through email when bills are issued, due and past due. 

On the Accounts Receivable website, there is a short to-do list for students to complete when they set up their U-Bill. Step one is completing an account information release so billing information can be shared with parents or guardians. Step two is initiating third-party access, so whoever is helping the student pay for their bills has access to an online and physical copy of the U-Bill. Step three is signing up for direct deposit, which simplifies refunding any over-payments on the U-Bill account.

If students are concerned about releasing any information to the university, Accounts Receivable has a page detailing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. This law helps schools safely use and manage student information.

Any other questions, comments or concerns can be sent to Iowa State Accounts Receivable. Email them at [email protected] or call them at (515) 294-7388. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 0880 Beardshear Hall.