Letter: The president is not above the law


Photo By Corey T. Dennis

Letter writer Timothy Bledsoe argues that the impeachment hearings should not be a Democrat vs. Republican situation. He argues that the president is not above the law and he should be treated as such.

Timothy Bledsoe

By now, the world’s population knows about the impeachment of President Trump. The U.S. House of Representatives has performed their constitutional duty in light of Trump’s violation of the highest office in America.
There is no conspiracy or attempt to overthrow the presidency. The witnesses, during the impeachment hearings, were sworn to oath to tell the truth. Ask yourselves, “What would these multiple witnesses have to gain by being totally dishonest?”
To be quite frank, the overwhelming dishonesty and “flip-flopping” comes directly from Trump and his entire administration.
I have seen the numbers of polling results about impeachment and removal. The slight majority of Americans, who thoroughly believe Trump’s actions are impeachable, have witnessed the U.S. Constitution interpreted correctly.
Now, the world is watching the U.S. Senate. How will U.S. Senators weigh the truth verses partisan politics? This is the question; to which the answer will determine Trump’s future as President.
As a testament, I voted for Trump, who I believed would make America better. I, and millions, voted for a very deceptive and divisive egotist. His campaign promises have fallen terribly short.
Also, I believe Trump has used “the highest office in America” to greatly increase his and his family’s wealth and global power.
People: This is not, and must not, be viewed as a Republican vs. Democrat situation. The absolute truth, more than ever, must come from the evidence.
President Trump’s removal from; or remaining in; office must not come as a result of being “in-lock-step” with the accused. I have heard it asked, “If this president believes himself to be innocent, why not allow testimony?” Always remember, “No one is above the law!”