Talking Connections: an ISD series on relationships

Isd Staff

In the spring 2019 semester, the Iowa State Daily introduced “The Talk,” a series with the goal to open up a discussion about sexual intimacy among our readers. In the fall 2019 semester, we introduced “Talk About It,” a series discussing mental health. This semester, we are starting the series “Talking Connections” to dive into the different types of relationships and their purpose.

Throughout this series, we will discuss issues such as breakups, fear of intimacy, how to build friendships and more. For the rest of the semester, we plan to publish one story each week addressing a topic related to relationships.

Our hope is by the end of the series, we may have opened our readers up to discussions in ways they hadn’t thought of or may not have felt they were able to speak about before.

Everyone has a type of connection, so let’s get talking.