First “food truck park” in Iowa opens in Ames

The first food truck park in Iowa opened last month on Lincoln Way. 

Haley Thams

The first-ever “food truck park” in Iowa had its grand opening last month in Ames. Located at 202 E. Lincoln Way, Food Truck Parc is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

The grand opening had around 500 attendees with six food trucks, the Iowa State football game on a jumbotron and the ISU band for entertainment. 

Planning for the Food Truck Parc, opened by Community Choice Credit Union, originally began in April 2020 and finished in November 2021. 

The Parc has four spots for food trucks. Food trucks can apply for a spot, and the Parc provides free electricity and water. Each truck can stay at The Parc for up to three days. 

Zaid Gustafson, an alum from Iowa State University, is the park manager and business development specialist for Community Choice Credit Union. 

“Being the first food truck park in Iowa was kind of a big deal for us and hopefully a big deal for Iowa and Ames,” Gustafson said. “This was for the Ames community.”

It is free for trucks to apply and get a spot at The Parc. The hours of operation are subject to change with the weather, and it will be closed for major holidays. Trucks may still stay open at their discretion even if The Parc is closed. 

There are no more large events at The Parc for the rest of this year, but there will be more during the spring months.

The website is still being created, but it will make it easier for food trucks to apply for a spot. Trucks interested in securing a spot can email [email protected]

The Parc is a great opportunity for food trucks to generate business as well as recognition for Community Choice and the City of Ames. 

“When I was in college I would’ve liked to come somewhere like this because I like food trucks, and there’s ones on campus that you see all the time.” Gustafson said. 

The Parc will have several Ames and Des Moines food trucks at a time that will rotate out for variety. 

More information about The Parc can be found on their Facebook page