“House of Gucci:” Beautiful aspects can’t make up for the lacking narrative


“House of Gucci” is the newest directorial film from Ridley Scott 

Hannah Scott

Every winter season begins the rolling out of Oscar nominee films and movies that may be put up for awards. For some, this doesn’t add much to their viewing experience, but for others, the film awards season is one of their favorite parts of the year.

One of the largest and most popularly advertised films of the season is “House of Gucci,” a drama film surrounding the fall of the fashion house of Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and many more big-name actors.

With many teasers out before the film and the popularity of Lady Gaga helping the film before it came out, reviewers and audience members alike were excited to see what the movie would be about and how the performances would be. However, the film seemed to have created expectations that it couldn’t necessarily hold up.

The film is based on a novel and largely focuses on the relationship between Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci before and during their marriage and the downfall of their relationship. In the film, Maurizio is given nothing by his father after he is disowned for marrying a woman of a lower class. However, Maurizio is eventually brought back into the family business, and drama ensues.

Though the true story of the Gucci family is one of drama, the film doesn’t seem to take the ridiculousness far enough. Instead, the film moves into the territory of slow-burning and sometimes even boring. In the beginning, the story largely revolves around Patrizia and seems to be the high point of the film, but as the story shifts in the second half, the narrative begins to drag and then falls behind.

While the story may not have been exactly what individuals expected, one of the biggest points of the movie was Gaga’s performance as Patrizia. Gaga stated that she took months to watch film of the real-life Patrizia and fall into her character. Her accent in the film has been praised for being almost an exact replica of how Patrizia sounded in her day-to-day life.

Though the film has beautiful landscapes and cinematography and top-notch styling and accessories, it seems as though the story was not able to hold up to the other momentous aspects of the film.  

If “House of Gucci,” is a film you’ve had your eye on, it may not be exactly what you’re expecting. But if you go in with an eye for fun, hopefully, you will have a good time.