10 Best festive films for the holiday season


With the holiday season just around the corner, here are a few festive movie recommendations to get you in the spirit.

Hannah Scott

The holidays are here, which means Christmas movies and music are now in full swing for everybody to experience. Though not everybody loves seasonal movies or songs, some are more than ready to get into the season after a long year.

For those who need festive movie ideas to watch on their days off or simply to get them in the holiday spirit, this list will offer you different types of Christmas movies and some that you may have never seen before. From dramas to comedies, there is certainly something here for everybody.

If you are a fan of the holidays, these ten movies will be exactly what you need this time of the year.

10 Best Movies for the Holiday Season

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

A part of the National Lampoons series of movies, the Christmas Vacation special follows Clark Griswold and his family as they prepare to host for the holidays and have their extended family come into town. This movie heavily shows how complicated family relationships can be and how sometimes the holidays can be just as stressful as they are exciting. While the comedy in this movie can sometimes be a little over the top, the message about accepting each other is a great one to leave with.


A holiday classic that perhaps not as many have seen, “Scrooged” stars Bill Murray as Frank Cross, a successful television executive who has turned cold and cross in his years in the business. The story is a take on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” as Cross is visited by ghosts who make him take another look at his life.

“Home Alone”

Everybody loves a comedy mixed with heart, and “Home Alone” always offers that around the holiday season. The story follows Kevin McCallister, who gets left at home after his family travels to Paris without him. When robbers try to invade his house, Kevin has to be the one to defend the home while his mother goes on a chase across the country to reunite with him.

“The Santa Clause”

Another story about learning to appreciate your life and let go, “The Santa Clause,” follows Scott Calvin, who is divorced with a son and works at a prestigious business that creates children’s toys. When Calvin gets whisked away one night to the north pole with his son, he learns that he has inadvertently taken on the job of Santa Claus and has to right his wrongs to keep Christmas alive.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

An oldie but a goodie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” follows Charlie Brown as he is chosen to direct the yearly Christmas play with his friends. Along with having to deal with all of the others around him, he finds himself having issues when the tree he picks for the show is not what the others had in mind. Ultimately, it is a story about friendship and learning to come together despite differences.


Possibly one of the most well-known Christmas movies of the past two decades, “Elf” follows Buddy as he leaves the North Pole to find his father and reunite with his family in New York City. The humor in this movie is often loud and over the top, but within the story are messages about caring for others and being there when people need you the most.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” 

While many argue about whether this movie is for Halloween or Christmas, many have come to the conclusion that it can be used for either holiday. In this movie, Jack Skellington finds out about Christmas Town and decides that he needs to be a part of it. However, when Santa gets kidnapped, and Christmas goes wrong, Jack suddenly realizes he may have taken on more than he can handle.

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

With two versions of this movie, there is more than enough to love about these films. Following the character of the Grinch, throughout the film, you watch as he changes his tune about the holidays and learns to have a more caring perspective towards others.

“Love Actually”

One of the first most well-known ensemble cast films, the film follows a variety of characters throughout the holidays as they each have to deal with their personal lives. Eventually, the characters come together, and some of the most iconic holiday scenes to date have come out of this film.

“The Holiday”

A similar film to “Love Actually,” “The Holiday” follows Iris Simpkins and Amanda Woods as they switch lives and homes for Christmas after they both have fallouts in their personal lives. While abroad, they each experience their own love stories and end up having a great holiday experience.

If you are somebody who needs some good holiday films soon, this list should give you a good head start and help out with the festivities.