Stugov concludes fall term

The Iowa State Student Government prepping to give their final horns down after the last meeting of the fall semester.

Ryan Bussert

The Student Government elected a new Vice Speaker of the Senate and the president of Student Government addressed the Senate for the last time this term.

The Student Government elected Advait M, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, computer science and political science, as the Vice Speaker of the Senate following the former Vice Speaker Eliana Crabb, a senior majoring in hospitality management, stepping down because she is graduating at the end of the fall semester.

Three other Senators were nominated for the position including:

  • Devin DeVore, a sophomore majoring in agriculture and society

  • Edward Mahoney, a senior majoring in computer science

  • Sanjana Addagarla, a senior majoring in management information systems 

Before the election, each candidate had an opportunity to speak in front of the Senate and allow the nominees to answer any questions asked of them. Advait also said he would like to improve communication within the Senate to create a cohesive unit.

“The Senate is something that is really important to me, and it has truly let me work through initiatives or through the bills we pass to sincerely better the conditions of the student body,” Advait said.

Advait said he would like to innovate the mentorship program within Student Government to allow experienced members of Student Government to mentor new members.

“I think Senator Advait is going to do a fantastic job in this role,” Crabb said. “I have been able to work with Senator Advait for a very long time. With the work he’s done, I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen with rules and the Senate. I think you’re going to do a fantastic job.”

Advait served as the vice chair of the Rules Committee within Student Government. He said he plans to use the skills he learned to make sure that he is holding the Senate up to their obligations.

“Everyone who ran for Vice Speaker, you’re all very good senators,” said Speaker Dawson Weathers, a senior majoring in political science and philosophy. ”You all would have made excellent fits for that role so I applaud you, and I invite you to keep working and keep doing good work.”

The Student Government passed an amendment to their Priorities and Criteria (P&C) document, their rules for funding and allocating funds, to make the rules more specific.

Finance Director Mason Zastrow, a senior majoring in political science, sociology and philosophy said aspects of the original document were too broad and the amendments would fix some of the wording issues.

The Student Government confirmed Rachel Schnepf, a sophomore majoring in computer engineering, as Senator Representing the College of Engineering and Alyannah Buhman, a junior majoring in criminal justice LAS Senator.

For some senators, this was their final meeting. Senators shared their thanks to the body, while shedding some tears and reminiscing on their work.

Campbell addressed Student Governments progress in supporting mental health, supporting COVID-19 vaccination, pushing for Juneteenth to be an official university holiday, a joint meeting with the Ames city council and more.