Best films for relaxing during finals week


With finals season upon us, here are some films you can watch to take a study break.

Hannah Scott

It’s finals week, and the semester is winding down. Oftentimes, this week can feel incredibly stressful and can leave individuals not knowing exactly when or how to take a break. However, even if you have a ton of exams, you still deserve a pause every once and a while.

For some people, music, podcasts or tv shows can be their go-to form of media for relaxing and being able to take themselves out of studying and class. However, another great form of entertainment is movies, and they can be extra helpful at letting you escape into a story.

With finals being at the top of everybody’s mind, this list will give you a few options for films that will hopefully work to calm you down and put you more at ease in this last week of classes.

Top 8 Films for relaxing this final’s season

“Harry Potter”

While this is an entire series of films, the story of “Harry Potter” is a perfect one to escape into for a couple of hours. A series that revolves around friendship and relationships as well as bravery and finding yourself, these films have a fun and whimsy to them that is sure to brighten a rough day. Watching the trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione take on different villains and come out on top every time is one of the best reasons to start this series if you need a break.

“Legally Blonde”

Though this film does surround school, the message as a whole is uplifting, and Elle Woods as a character is incredibly strong and inspiring when it comes to being exactly who you are. This is a lightweight comedy with lovable characters and a great story about being an underdog and breaking expectations. If you are struggling with your confidence this finals week, perhaps this story is exactly what you need for a boost.

“The Princess Diaries”

A film that surrounds the story of a girl who goes from feeling like a nobody in school to being the princess within a royal dynasty has heart and laughs and is sure to be a lighthearted and fun watch. The character of Mia is relatable and feels like all of us who may still be trying to figure ourselves out. 

“Mean Girls”

A classic 2000s comedy, “Mean Girls” is a film that still holds up by today’s standards and has so many quotable lines that will leave you laughing for a long time. Watching Cady Heron have to navigate the difficult world of high school and cliques will give you a blast into your own high school experience and will hopefully help you relax.

“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

Another good comedy option, this movie shows Scott Pilgrim as he goes through romantic struggles and ultimately falls for Ramona Flowers but then has to fight off her seven evil exes to be with her. While the film’s plot may sound silly on the surface, it has a lot to say about relationships and the bonds we form with each other.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

A comedy that everybody knows about a character who simply wants a day off from school. While the plot of the film is incredibly simple, the witty dialogue and comedy of the story allow individuals to laugh along with Bueller’s antics, and Matthew Broderick does a perfect job of encapsulating the character of Ferris Bueller.


For those who might want a more whimsical story as well as a more positive story, “Matilda” mixes both of those ideas perfectly in a film that is funny but also heartwarming. As we go through the film and watch Matilda become a more confident individual from the quiet girl she was in the beginning, it is a great message that anybody can become exactly who they were meant to be.


Another great classic ‘90s comedy, “Clueless,” tells the story of Cher Horowitz as she tries to make it through high school and having crushes while also trying to pair up her teachers together. The characters in this film are charming, and there are multiple messages about being there for your friends and being kind to one another.

While finals week can certainly be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Taking time away to relax and watch something you enjoy can be the perfect break that anybody needs.