“Hawkeye” mid-series review


“Hawkeye” is a new series on Disney+ and the series has received mixed reviews

Jeshua Glover

Marvel’s newest Disney plus series, “Hawkeye” follows Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as he tries to tie up a situation related to his “Ronin” persona during Endgame. Barton’s heroics in New York during the first “Avengers” movie inspired many but none more intensely than (Hailee Steinfeld’s) Kate Bishop. The pair team up as the world’s greatest archer mentors Bishop as the world’s “next” greatest archer.

The series is based on the comic book “Hawkeye: My life as a Weapon” by Matt Fraction and David Aja. The series consists of six episodes set during late December, closing in on Christmas. 

Through three episodes, the show took little time to get going, but the first two were more of a drag. Among the first two episodes were a few well-choreographed fight scenes, but nothing too exciting. There was a great amount of exposition done on the sides of both Clint and Bishop. This series dives further into what the world of the MCU “post-blip” looks like.

The third episode however, ramped up the stakes and the action at the same time. Introducing a new character while alluding to the appearance of more cameos down the line. The third episode reminds the watcher that this is still a Marvel property. Hopefully the show can keep up this pacing going forward, as the uptick was surely needed. 

The art during the credits and intro are a loving nod to the comic run that inspired the show. The show borrows a lot from the comic, but certain story aspects are shifted to create a unique story. 

The performances from Renner and Steinfeld are both good, Renner effortlessly slides back into the role of Clint Barton and Steinfeld injects new life into the “Marvel formula”. Many fans speculate that Steinfeld’s role in the show is to be the first building block toward the “Young Avengers”. 

If that’s the case, replacements for the original “Avengers” cast may be coming soon.

Rating through 3 episodes: 6/10