Emily Wolfe and Betcha and 90’s Kids will perform at M-Shop this week


Coming to perform at M-Shop on Dec 2, Emily Wolfe will show off her talents as a performer.

Omar Waheed

The Student Union Board (SUB) will host two concerts this week to offer students a last bit of entertainment before prep week.


Emily Wolfe will be joined by Kiss the Tiger on Thursday, followed by Betcha and 90’s Kids as a double headliner concert Saturday.


Starting off with the first concert, Emily Wolfe. Based out of Texas, the artist bolsters a more rock-style performance, often dipping between a blues-rock style and pop. Having a solid following and releasing her album “Outlier” earlier this year, Wolfe is hot on her tour, making stops largely in the Midwest and capping it off in Texas early next year.


The second concert for this week, Betcha and 90’s Kids, will be headlining at the M-Shop. With styles that mesh well together, both have a highly energetic upbeat style sound as indie rock artists. Having very similar sounds and their own followings, the concert is expected to draw a large turnout to finish out a semester of concerts put on by SUB.


“I feel like the longer the semester goes on, the more exciting the concerts get,” said Michelle Pasek, a senior in hospitality management who also serves as the co-director of the M-Shop. “She’s [Emily Wolfe] one of the ones I’ve been most excited for this semester, as well as Betcha and 90’s Kids coming up.”


Speaking on her excitement of the coming concerts, Pasek is a fan of both, which makes them coming to perform at Iowa State that much more exciting for her.


Emily Wolfe will perform at the Maintenance Shop on Thursday at 8 p.m.


Betcha and 90’s Kids will perform at the Maintenance Shop on Saturday at 8 p.m.


Tickets can be purchased in advance from the M-Shop at Memorial Union or at the concert itself at an increased price.