Horticulture Club kicks off annual Poinsettia sale

The poinsettia booth set up inside of Curtiss Hall.

Cade Cameron

The Horticulture Club hosted its annual Poinsettia sale, which helps raise funds for the club to have events and other activities.

It is a four-day sale that takes place throughout the campus. Locations include Curtiss Hall, Memorial Union, Beardshear Hall and Reiman Gardens. The sale is a great way to get people in the holiday spirit since poinsettias are your holiday plant. 

Each year the Horticulture Club grows poinsettias in plans to sell at the annual poinsettia sale. The club forms a committee that will be solely in charge of making sure the poinsettias are well cared for so they are ready to sell.

The poinsettia sale committee is in charge of forming the sale, selecting the varieties and even deciding what size they will be. Henric Krause, a senior majoring in greenhouse management and a committee member, shared his experience.

“We” have been doing the poinsettia sale for at least five or six years, and it continues to grow as we do the sale for four days straight, locating all around the campus including the Curtis Hall, Memorial Union, Beardshear Hall and Reiman Gardens,” Krause said. “Th” way the sale works is that guests have the option to preorder the poinsettias online and then pick them up or you can buy them when you arrive at one of the locations. Some will preorder, but most like to pick out their own plant since they could be used for holiday gifts.”

Since the poinsettia sale is all around campus, this allows for the club to really get the word out and make sure they sell the plants. 

“From experience, when we are located in Beardshear Hall or the Memorial Union, we tend to sell more of the poinsettias,” s” id Krause “I “eel like this has to deal with that more staff are going to purchase them when compared to the students,” Krause said.

The club gains some income from the sale that they will use towards other events throughout the year and in the future. It is important that the sale goes well because there are expenses that come from it, like purchasing the larger poinsettias to sell to customers.

They only buy the 10-inch pots as they take the most time to grow.

“With the income for the sale, we are able to have guest speakers, take club trips and overall have the significant amount of funds needed to make sure each year the poinsettia sale happens, since we have to grow and buy the plants,” Krause said.