Satire: Iowa State’s Meat Lab launches new meat substitute ‘Cy Meat’


A prepared meal using Cy Meat, the plate features a bed of rice, tomatoes, rosemary, Cy Meat and a garlic creme sauce.

Omar Waheed

Trying to adapt to modern trends in food, Iowa State’s Meat Lab has launched their own meat substitute.

Their own proprietary meat analogue, Iowa State is proudly embracing the varying diets of students and showing concern for environmental increases in methane gases from ever growing livestock farms with their brand new ‘Cy Meat.’

A mix of soy and lentils and packed with protein, Cy Meat offers an alternative to those who want to step into a more environmentally conscious diet. Sold in a ground meat style, the versatile Cy Meat can be used to substitute meat to turn any meal vegetarian.

“It tastes okay,” a taste tester said. “Kind of bland.”

Excited to serve the Iowa State community further, Meat Lab is steadily getting ready to launch Cy Meat. Selling at $4.99 per pound, Cy Meat can be purchased exclusively from Meat Lab on 914 Stange Rd on Fridays 11:00-1:00 p.m.