Iowa State students share anticipation for upcoming Thanksgiving break


Iowa State students shared what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Maris Cameron

Iowa State students across campus shared their excitement for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. With only a few more exams, students can practically feel the pressure lifted from their shoulders and almost taste the turkey that awaits them at home. 

Thanksgiving has been a significant American holiday celebrated since 1621. A bountiful feast is often shared among a group of people during this day of public prayer, and people celebrating take time to reflect on the great things they have in life. 

“I am thankful for my hometown friends because I know I can always turn to them for advice,” said Ram Singh, mechanical engineering freshman. “Their support helps me get through the trials and tribulations college life brings.”

Classes with challenging test content become more mentally straining on students towards the semester’s holiday break. Students on campus voiced their appreciation for the week away from their academics. 

“I’ve had a pretty tough semester,” said Morgan Wolfe, junior in public relations. “I am thankful for my best friends at Iowa State that have helped me through my tough times, and I know I can always be myself around them.”

As students think about what they are thankful for this season, they also take the time to think about the great Thanksgiving meal they will have with their families. Iowa State students dream of their favorite holiday dishes, from pumpkin pies and corn casseroles to stuffing on the side. 

“I love the jellied cranberry sauce that comes in a can,” said Aaron Fischer, an aerospace engineering freshman. “I only have it once a year so it’s always a nice treat. I’m also looking forward to going home since I haven’t seen my parents or my dog in months.”

Fischer isn’t the only one looking forward to traveling back home for family holiday festivities. Joseph Jonasson, a chemical engineering sophomore, expressed his hopes for the break and what he likes to do during his time away from school.

“I can’t wait to stay home for a whole week,” Jonasson said. “My favorite thing to do on break is catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. Classes take up so much time during the school year so it’s nice to intentionally slow down and invest time into seeing others.”

Unfortunately, a handful of international students find themselves unable to travel home due to extended distances and have chosen to stay on campus to hang out with friends during their free time in the dorms. 

“Honestly, I miss being home sometimes,” said Varun Agarwal, a sophomore in computer science. “Seeing everyone reunited and having fun makes me miss those moments with my own family and friends, but I’m glad I will be able to see them again in the winter.”

Despite any disadvantageous circumstances, students still find ways to be thankful for various aspects of their lives where there is joy. 

“I am most thankful for all the great opportunities and people that are in front of me at Iowa State,” said Austin Karlovich, a sophomore in data science. 

Students will savor the opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of their family and friends this Thanksgiving season.