Best holiday playlist for winter 2021


Winter is upon us and here are some song recommendations for the season.

Hannah Scott

The air is getting cooler and the leaves have finished falling; the season is officially changing and winter is on its way. While the cold may not be the most comforting feeling, you can make the transition a little easier on yourself with some new music to get you in the seasonal spirit.

With the sky getting darker earlier and the holidays coming closer, the feelings winter can give off can often be happy, yet melancholic at the same time. These songs on this list give off those feelings that will hopefully keep your spirits up but also calm.

This list will offer you some perfect song options for the winter season and will help you feel in the spirit.

Best Winter Playlist for 2021

“Winter Song” – Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

Though this song has a more gloomy feeling when you first listen to it, its message is actually quite happy. It speaks about times where even when things aren’t going exactly the way you planned, you still will always have people that you can lean on and you will feel comfortable in their company. It reminds you that you always have somewhere to go even when you feel frustrated or confused.

“Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” – Arcade Fire

A strong ballad, this song has tons of huge orchestral sections and raw emotion through lead singer Win Butler’s voice. The song speaks of a story of a lover reminiscing about his old relationship and wishing he could run off and be with her once again. The song is sad but also hopeful with a message about getting over and letting go of a withered relationship.

“Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac

A classic song that speaks about relationships, Stevie Nicks sings about her changing life and mimics the idea of the changing of the season. She even speaks about being able to “handle the seasons” of her life and uses metaphors to help the visuals come through about life moving and not knowing how to handle it. Though the song has a melancholic feeling, it also leaves on a hopeful note with Nicks feeling upbeat and hopeful about her future.

“California Dreamin” – The Mamas & the Papas

This song has a haunting feeling to it as the singer reminisces about being in L.A. instead of in the cold and windy area they are currently in. The message largely carries a feeling of wishing one could escape to a different place, but not being able to leave. 

“Meet Me in the Woods” – Lord Huron

A song by the folk-inspired band, it tells a story about a relationship between two individuals that has become confusing, and one of the individuals feels as though they may not be able to sustain it anymore. With imagery about magic, mysticism and nature, the song tells the story of a love that is complicated and breaking.

“Fourth of July” – Sufjan Stevens

While this song doesn’t speak about romantic relationships, it does talk about the relationship between a mother and son while the mother is nearing the end of her life. The song mirrors Steven’s real life experience of dealing with his mother’s sickness and death and the feelings he had during that process. While the song is sad, it gives a realistic look into death and mourning and how those feelings can cover your life.

“Skinny Love” – Bon Iver

With a feeling of winter coldness, this song talks about hoping a relationship will last even though you can feel things falling apart. Bon Iver lead singer Justin Vernon sings with a sadness but ferocity that shows the emotions of trying to keep things together even when you can tell it may not work.

Exciting for some and not-so for others, getting into the spirit of the season can be made a little bit easier with a holiday playlist.