Lindsey Stirling brings her newest holiday show to Ames


Lindsey Stirling is bringing her newest holiday tour to Ames on Dec. 1.

Hannah Scott

Beginning on “America’s Got Talent” and YouTube, Lindsey Stirling has turned her career as a violinist from dreams into reality. With many albums and tours now under her belt, Stirling is once again embarking on a holiday tour. This time she is bringing her performance to Ames.

“I talked to my agents and I really wanted to focus the Christmas tour on some of the places that I haven’t ever been,” Stirling said. “A lot of these places are smaller markets, and honestly, I always love it. I feel like there’s something so special about those smaller markets because a lot of times people are just so excited.”

Stirling’s newest holiday tour, “The Lindsey Stirling Christmas Program,” will include many new pieces as well as classics that fans have come to know and love. After having to take a break from her holiday tour in 2020, it seems that Stirling is excited to get back on the road and have her fans experience the holidays with her again.

“Doing a Christmas tour has been kind of part of my personal holiday tradition and has just been the way I experience the holidays,” Stirling said.

With Stirling being a violinist, many may be wondering what her shows consist of. While it may seem simple, Stirling takes time to craft her shows and make sure that they are not only fun and entertaining, but that fans will walk away feeling as though they have seen something unique and different.

Stirling often does this by incorporating dancing, acrobatics and different forms of movement into her sets. In 2020, she learned the art of hair hanging in less than three months for a performance of her song “Crystallize” for her holiday special “Home For The Holidays.”

“It kind of came out of the pandemic when a lot of the things I went to for creativity I couldn’t do and I just needed something to do,” Stirling said. “You’re not supposed to go to a cirque show and walk away saying I want to do that. So much respect for circus performers because even after three months it was having effects on my mental health. But, I was really inspired and loved the experience of aerial work and am really glad that trapeze and lyra are more up my alley.”

Though Stirling is putting much of her focus into her upcoming holiday tour, she also has many other projects. These include her 2020 holiday special “Home For The Holidays” being released in theaters, a violin with Yamaha being released and working with the charity she created called The Upside Fund to help pay individuals’ medical bills during the holiday season.

“The Lindsey Stirling Christmas Program,” will be coming to Ames on Dec. 1 at Stephens Auditorium. Tickets can be bought on Ticketmaster, through the Iowa State Center’s website.