Live like Carrie Bradshaw: Airbnb hosts a “Sex and the City” themed stay for two nights


Leading up to the new “Sex and the City” revival, Airbnb is hosting a stay for two nights where guests can live like Carrie Bradshaw in her apartment.

Hannah Scott

With the “Sex and the City” reboot just around the corner in December, fans of the show are excited about what is to come for the characters. However, a few fans may be able to have an even more personal experience with the show than even they were expecting.

For two nights this month, Airbnb will be renting out a redone version of Carrie’s apartment from the show. The apartment will include all of the eccentricities and details that made Bradshaw’s apartment so unique as well as a virtual visit from Sarah Jessica Parker herself and a few other surprise cast members from the show.

This Airbnb promotion is leading up to the release of the new show “And Just Like That…,” which follows Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda on their new adventures and will be a great throwback for fans who loved the original show. 

Because “Sex and the City” first aired 23 years ago, the stay will also only cost individuals $23, which is a pretty good deal all things considered. 

Not only will you be opened into the apartment and greeted by Carrie herself, but you will also be able to see a ton of memorabilia from the show, which so many fans will remember. You can see Carrie’s writing desk as well as her laptop where she wrote so many of her columns. To make calls, the apartment includes a cordless landline in order to take you back in time and you can see Carrie’s closet and, true to character, it will be stuffed to the brim.

Although the apartment has sparked tons of excitement among fans, it is not the actual apartment from the show. It is just a recreation; however, it is still located in a New York neighborhood and has tons of character just as the apartment from the show did.

For the affordable stay, the bidding will surely get competitive. The booking opens on Nov. 8 for stays on Nov. 12 and 13.