New Netflix releases for the holiday season


Netflix has officially announced their lineup of holiday film releases.

Hannah Scott

Halloween has passed and it is officially time to look forward to the next holiday season. While Christmas may still seem like a ways away, many brands are already putting out their seasonal merchandise and entertainment and streaming services are no different.

Every year Netflix, Hulu and other streaming companies release new and old holiday films in order to give viewers a ton of options for films and shows to watch with family, friends or just relaxing by themselves. There are options from comedies to dramas and everything in between. Even if you are somebody who doesn’t love the holidays there is bound to be at least one film that may peak your interest.

This list has compiled a few of the most anticipated holiday releases on Netflix this year and hopefully will give you a good idea of what to look forward to this Christmas season.

8 New Netflix Holiday Releases for 2021

“Love Hard”

For those who love a cheesy romantic comedy, “Love Hard” tells a more common romance story in a more modern and less common way. The story follows a woman who meets a man on a dating app and decides to travel home with him for Christmas only to discover that she has been cat-fished. The man she fell for on the dating app does actually live in the town and chaos ensues when the man who cat-fished her offers to set her up with her real crush, but only if she will be his pretend girlfriend for the holidays.

“Father Christmas is Back”

A family comedy, “Father Christmas is Back” follows four sisters who get together for the holidays only to realize that their long-lost father is also showing up for the holiday celebrations as well. Though not a ton more is known about this film at the time, it is sure to have a ton of heart and a good amount of laughs as well.

“The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star”

Another installment in “The Princess Switch” series starring Vanessa Hudgens, this film will once again follow the look-alikes Margaret and Stacy as they work to find a royal Christmas relic that has been stolen from the family. There will also be a new character introduced, another doppelganger named Fiona and will have even more wild and fun dynamics between individuals.

“A Boy Called Christmas”

In a reimagining of the story of Father Christmas, a young boy named Nikolas sets off to find his long lost father and in the process find out who he truly is as well. His father is on a quest to find the lost village of Elfhelm and they discover many things not only about themselves but their relationship along the way.

“A Castle for Christmas”

Following the trend of rom-coms as Christmas films, “A Castle for Christmas” follows a bestselling author who goes off to Scotland after having a scandal surround her. Within the story she finds a beautiful castle and has to try and face off with the duke that owns it.

“Single all the Way”

A film that focuses on LGBTQIA+ relationships, the story follows Peter who is going home for the holidays and feels he needs somebody to bring with him in order to appease his family. He asks one of his friends to pose as his boyfriend but issues arise when their feelings change and his family tries to get in the picture as well. Hopefully this movie will have tons of heart and a lot of laughs to spare.

“David and the Elves”

Because David’s family works all the time, they have slowly lost the holiday spirit and have made the Christmas season hard and less enjoyable. Because of this, David decides to try and set off to Tatra Mountains with his friend Albert the Elf to see his grandparents and go on adventures. Along the way they get caught up with David’s parents and Santa and confusion ensues.

“A Naija Christmas”

With family being the center of so many holiday films, this one is no different. Following three brothers, each of them wants to make their mother happy and fulfill her wish so they scramble to find wives they can bring home for Christmas. 

Though Christmas still may feel miles away, it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit and these eight films will give you a great look into what is in store.