BREAKING: Iowa State reports fourth incident of sexual assault on campus days after occurrence


The Office of the President releases new information regarding masks, vaccinations and how the fall 2021 semester will look.

Katherine Kealey

Iowa State University reported an individual was sexually assaulted in Friley Hall on Sept. 27.

The individual reported the incident on Sept. 30 and the University’s crime warning release went out on Oct. 5. The perpetrator was an acquaintance, and the victim reported the incident to Campus Security Authority. Iowa State University Chief of Police Michael Newton said the department is reviewing the submission of the incident to understand the CSA’s delay in reporting.

“While the incident was reported to the Campus Security Authority on September 30th, it was not submitted until today. Once we became aware, a warning was sent to the campus community,” Newton said in an email response in regard to the delayed report. 

This is the fourth sexual assault reported to take place on campus during the 2021 fall semester.

We want victims to come forward and report crimes that occur,” Newton said in an email response to the Daily. “While it is the fourth reported assault, we know that other sexual assaults have happened, and victims do not feel comfortable coming forward. Our goal is to help eliminate assaults like the one reported, and we want to make sure people are getting the help and support they need. Sexual assault is a significantly under-reported crime, and we want victims to feel comfortable reporting it. Thank you to those who have come forward, as we know this is not easy. We care and are here to help.”