Latinx crafts, themed pottery and more at the Workspace this month


Katelyn Squiers

The Workspace will host a Stranger Things week from Sept. 5 to Sept. 11.

Katelyn Squiers

The Workspace in the Memorial Union is offering Latinx crafts, weekly themed pottery and a variety of art classes throughout October. 

In celebration of Latinx heritage, people can decorate sugar skulls for Hispanic Heritage Month, which ends Oct. 15. There will also be a “Trinkets and Treasures” theme for Paint Your Own Pottery during the week of Oct. 11-16. 

“Each week we have a theme, and whatever is left from that theme we usually leave out,” said arts coordinator Letitia Kenemer. “So you can choose from the themed items, but really you can choose anything you’d like.” 

To accommodate a variety of needs and preferences, the sugar skulls and Paint Your Own Pottery crafts can be completed within the Workspace or at home. 

“If you’re not really comfortable being around a lot of people, or it’s full in here and you still want to craft, a lot of things we do to-go so you can take it with you,” Kenemer said.

Many of the walk-in crafts are also designed to be flexible to all skill levels and experiences. Those who are less confident in their artistry can take a simple approach. Meanwhile, those who want to stretch their creativity can use as much detail as they like.

“If you want to paint a mug, you could paint it one color and put dots on it, and you’re good to go,” Kenemer said. “Or you can draw an entire mountain scene on it.”

For those who like to learn new skills, there are also several art classes available.

The most recent opportunities include wheel pottery, Boro scarves and glass beads. The cost of each class varies depending on supplies and time spent with the instructor, but Iowa State students are often offered a price that is $10 cheaper than the public price. 

“A lot of times people come down and talk about how they are not good at art,” said student employee Jillian Dunlap. “But I think when they come down to work on something it proves that anybody can be creative.”

The Workspace is located in the basement level of the Memorial Union. Class registration, a calendar of events and additional information can be found on the Student Engagement website.