Five celebrities whose costumes blew Halloween out of the water

Megan Thee Stallion chose to take her Halloween costume in a spooky yet also fun and sexy direction.

Hannah Scott

Every year, Halloween is a holiday that individuals can use to pretend to be whoever or whatever they want. While often we may feel restricted by our clothing choices or dress codes wherever we go, Halloween offers the chance to allow you to have more fun and creativity with your looks than you usually would.

Tons of people take part in the fun act of dressing up and celebrities are no exception. With so many high profile people showing off their creative and often extravagant Halloween costumes, it shows that no matter who you are it is always fun to take a little time to dress up.

These Halloween costumes were some of the best that were seen this year from different celebrities and went from spooky to sexy to just kooky and wild.

5 Fun Celebrity Halloween Costumes from 2021

Megan Thee Stallion – “Hellraiser”

Megan Thee Stallion decided to take a different approach to Halloween than many other of her celebrity counterparts. While she still decided to add a sexy flair to her outfit, she also threw in the spooky and scary element that always makes Halloween such a fun and creative holiday.

Her costume was an inspired version of the character Pinhead from the movie “Hellraiser.” While she used the original concept of the character, she made it her own and added a flair that is classically her style.

Lizzo – Baby Yoda

Another outfit that was lauded for its creativity was Lizzo’s take on Baby Yoda or Grogu. This was a more playful costume and showed yet another aspect of the Halloween season, the fact that you don’t just have to be serious or scary with your costume, you can be silly as well.

The outfit consisted of the classic Baby Yoda outfit and her makeup to match. She looked adorable and funny at the same time which is something a perfect costume can do.

Harry Styles – Dorothy

At his Halloween concert in New York City, Styles donned a Dorothy costume from “The Wizard of Oz.” Not only was the costume unexpected and gender bending as Style’s often plays with in his looks, it was also funny and full of camp.

The crowd gave large amounts of applause and he performed in the outfit as well.

Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas and Olivia De Jonge – Isabella, Paolo and Lizzie McGuire

Going for a group costume, husband and wife Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and their friend Olivia De Jonge went for a nostalgic 2000’s costume that throws back all the way to Jonas’s Disney roots. They went as three of the main characters from the Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire movie and created a fun but fresh new look.

Blackpink’s Lisa – Red Light, Green Light Doll from “Squid Game”

Oftentimes Halloween costumes can pull from media pieces that are popular in the current times and some of the fun is being able to have people recognize who you are as well as knowing that you are up with the times. This doll costume has a ton of realism and detail into looking like the actual doll from “Squid Game” while still having a unique side to it that allowed for Lisa’s own creativity to shine.

Halloween each year is always a fun time to get creative with your looks and each of these celebrities did just that. If you are looking for early costume inspiration for next year, some of these outfits just might be where to start.