Ames City Council 2021 election profile: Awein Majak

Awein Majak is running against Amber Corrieri for the at-large seat on Ames City Council.

Awein Majak is running against Amber Corrieri for the at-large seat on Ames City Council.

Finn Mcnally

Awein Majak is running for the at-large seat on Ames City Council with a focus on affordable and equitable housing. She is running against the incumbent candidate Amber Corrieri on Nov. 2. 

Majak has lived in Ames for 16 years. Currently, Majak runs small businesses. She also volunteers as a social worker with various agencies here in Ames.

“Our city’s great but I would love to see more change,” said Majak, “I would love to see change in terms of affordable housing and more activities for children and adults with disabilities.” 

Majak said her focus is on diversity and affordable housing.

“When I say diversity, I’m not talking about racial diversity among residents in affordable housing but I’m actually talking about diversity in the type of locations of housing that’s made available to people with low income,” said Majak.

She said since COVID-19, affordable housing has become even bigger of an issue. There are low income complexes in Ames, but they foster a community that feels limiting and marginalizing to its residents.

“When kids grow up in this environment they start to slowly assimilate the feeling that this is where they belong and this is where they will live forever,” said Majak. “They won’t have the chance to dream big, to aspire, to feel like they can make a difference in their life.”

Majak said that her main initiative is to integrate low income housing into the broader community.

“Ask landlords to provide one or two apartments to low income people so we can all feel equal in the community,” said Majak.

Her other initiative is to have more activities for kids and adults with disabilities in the community.

“I have a son with autism, and the park is great,” said Majak. “I have five kids. With the other kids it’s a great place to go to and I was so excited when it was first built, but with my son with autism it is hard to control him and the park is not fenced.” 

She said Ames has adults with disabilities who need a safe place to go to, instead of staying home all day and the city needs more services and activities for adults and children with disabilities.

Majak said the city council should continue working on affordable housing because they have done a great job so far, but they need to expand the program more and find other ways that Ames can serve all citizens and residents equally.

Majak believes affordable housing is the biggest problem facing Ames right now. 

“If you give someone a stable home to live in, other problems are easy to fix, like mental health,”  said Majak. “Mental health is one of the big problems here in Ames, but if we start at the bottom to fix affordable housing problems, mental health issues will gradually be solved.”

The City and School Board Elections will be held Nov. 2, 2021. Voters can click here to learn more information about polling locations and voter registration. 

Early absentee voting is available at the following locations

  • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 30: Ames Public Library

  • Nov. 1: Story County Auditor’s office during business hours