Majors Fair this week for students exploring potential career paths


The Majors Hall will take place in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union on Tuesday. 

Jack Mcclellan

The College of Liberal Arts and sciences is hosting a Majors Fair Tuesday morning to give students a chance to explore new career paths.

The Majors Fair will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, in Memorial Union’s Great Hall on the second floor of the building.

Though the event is being hosted by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, majors from all colleges will be represented at the fair.

When students start at a university they are typically asked to choose a major and select the path they would like to follow to graduation. 

Iowa State offers a variety of majors and programs to guide students through graduation. Such a range of possibilities makes it difficult to consider any single major independently from others.

Over a hundred majors and minor programs will be represented at the Majors Fair, giving students plenty of opportunities to expand their horizons and consider different paths to graduation. 

The layout of the Majors Fair will look similar to a Careers Fair or even ClubFest, with representatives of a major or a degree program setting up booths along the outskirts and through the center of Great Hall. Students can peruse the booths and search for a program at Iowa State that fits their interests.

The Majors Fair isn’t restricted to new or open option students, changing majors is very common amongst students at all levels, although less so as students approach graduation. Regardless, all students are welcome to attend the fair and explore the career paths available to them.