Top 10 spooky songs for your Halloween playlist


Halloween is approaching and here is a list of songs that would be perfect for any spooky activity.

Hannah Scott

It’s almost halfway through October and that means that the Halloween season is in full swing. If you are somebody who loves the spooky holiday, you may be needing some music to put into a playlist for a costume party or just hanging out with friends.

Although some may think that a lot of music surrounding the holidays is more for kids or just not good, there are some fun songs that can give off the creepy factor but also give you some truly good music as well.

With this playlist, you can find a mix of more fun and silly Halloween songs, along with some quality artists who just have a little more of an edge to their music. If you are somebody who loves changing up their playlist for the seasons, then now is the perfect time to find some new music to add to your collection.

10 Best Spooky Songs for Halloween Season

“This Is Halloween” – Danny Elfman

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” has become known as one of the best Halloween and Christmas movies of all time. However, it is not only the film that has been acclaimed. The score, by composer Danny Elfman, gives feelings of creepiness and wonder at the same time and this song is no different. If you have seen this movie even once then it will be something worth singing along to.

“Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell

Though this song has recently become more popular through TikTok, it has always been known as a song that generally becomes more popular around the Halloween season. With Michael Jackson adding his vocals into the chorus, this song has a catchiness to it that is unbeatable and will certainly add the perfect flavor to any party or event you have.

“Heads Will Roll” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

A quintessential dance song, this offers a slightly different take on Halloween and instead gives a more upbeat but still creepy feeling. However, this also has a very energetic feeling so it would be great to add a different pop to your holiday playlist. For those who want a more edgy take on Halloween music this should give you exactly what you are looking for.

“Monsters” – All Time Low

A newer song, this adds in the edge of pop-punk and grunge to a playlist of songs that may be older or more considered classics. While not necessarily a spooky song, it still has the feeling of being darker and talks about a seemingly toxic relationship. A song that is filled with emotion, this will give an interesting twist to your playlist and will add a more modern take as well.

“Spooky Scary Skeletons” – Andrew Gold

This song was heavily used in memes over the past few years and has largely become a sort of “joke” Halloween song. However, there is still definitely a place for a more fun children’s song in a list of holiday music. If you want to add a funny twist, this may just be the extra song to throw into the batch.

“Jeepers Creepers” – Louis Armstrong

An ultimate classic song, this has some of the best instrumentals and gives a more vintage take to the idea of Halloween. It is a fun and cute song about a relationship and actually has nothing to do with the creepy holiday at all, however the feeling of the song still feels like it fits the fun and campy feeling of the season. For somebody who loves older, classic music, this could be a great addition.

“Funhouse” – Pink

Anyone who was in middle school for Pink’s hayday will remember this song being incredibly popular. Another more modern one to throw into the mix, the song alone has a darker vibe and the music video has a bunch of creepy clowns running around so it definitely fits the feeling for the season. If you want something to scream, singing along to this would fit well.

“Season of the Witch” – Donovan

Another older song for the mix, this takes you all the way back to the ‘60s. While it may be a bit more calm than some of the other songs on this list, it can be a good switch from the darker and more edgy tracks. If you want something to throw on in the background of a costume party, this could be something that a lot of people would find to be a catchy and fun song.

“She Wolf” – Shakira

A song for the girls, this is a great dance song for those who just want to have fun and dance the night away. Telling a story of a woman who is trying to lure in men, it is a fun and seductive song that will add a twist to any Halloween event.

“Disturbia” – Rihanna

A classic 2000’s hit, “Disturbia” has a dark feeling to it while also offering a catchy beat and vibes that will have you dancing all night long.

Halloween is a holiday that allows you to change up who you are and switch up your personality. Why not do the same for your music for any event that you are planning soon or simply your own music taste?