2021 Ames Resident Satisfaction Survey to be presented during Tuesday’s City Council Meeting


The Ames City Council, along with Mayor John Haila conducting business during the Sept. 28 meeting.

Cody Neeper-Burris

The 2021 Resident Satisfaction Survey will be presented to the Ames City Council during their meeting on Tuesday night.

This is the 39th Annual Statistic Report conducted in Ames. The data was collected in April 2021, following one year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 Derecho. 

In addition to this presentation, Councilmembers will hear numerous staff reports on the 2040 plan and artistically painted fire hydrants. They will also discuss the adoption of new wards and precincts following the state redistricting and the HOME – American Rescue Plan Grant Agreement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The 2040 plan staff report will detail the public comments collected to provide feedback on the project. After hearing the community feedback, the Councilmembers will have the opportunity to alter the draft in response. According to Ward 3 Rep. David Martin, public hearings for the final draft are expected to occur in November 2021. 

The discussion of adopting new wards and precincts for the City of Ames will occur during the meeting, due to the State of Iowa’s redistricting after the 2020 Census. The updated data from last year’s Census may change the ward and precinct lines throughout the city. 

The HOME – American Rescue Plan Grant Agreement discussion will primarily focus on the allocation of the $1.3 million of federal funds received by the City of Ames to combat housing instability. City Staff is anticipating a competitive grant system of allocation for these funds to be used throughout the city. 

The City Council will also vote on two ordinances: the first would remove parking requirements from auditoriums, stadiums, theaters and arenas in the Downtown and Campustown areas, the second would create the Resident Police Advisory Committee, who would advise Police Chief Geoff Huff on complaints made against officers in the Ames Police Department. 

Both of these ordinances are in their third passage and if passed, will also be adopted during Tuesday’s meeting. 

Finally, the painted fire hydrants staff report will recommend to not move forward at this time due to the visibility, maintenance and workload requirements for the Public Arts Commission.

The complete agenda for the Oct. 12 meeting can be viewed here. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at City Hall.