The eFeed-Hungers online platform expands food outreach options

Guest Columnist Walter Suza utilizes ChatGPT to help find answers to the problem of child hunger.

Guest Columnist Walter Suza utilizes ChatGPT to help find answers to the problem of child hunger.

Maris Cameron

Researchers with the eFeed-Hungers project have been working diligently to mitigate hunger rates and reduce the amount of food wasted every year.

By giving leftover food to those in need, hunger and food insecurity issues can be reduced around the world and even at Iowa State.

EFeed-Hungers is a research-led non-profit Information and Communications Technology startup organization dedicated to feeding the future.

Founder and CEO of eFeed-Hungers, Sugam Sharma, has devoted over three years of work to its expansion. Sharma is a researcher at Iowa State with a doctorate in computer science.

In 2014, Sharma visited Iowa State and discovered that one in every five students lacked proper food for dinner. Using his developmental research skills in data science, computer science and computer engineering, Sharma set out to change those statistics. 

EFeed-Hungers food donors can give away any type of food, e.g., Mexican, American, French, Italian or even Vietnamese dishes using an online written description of the food and list how many people the donation can serve.

“People can also get snacks,” Sharma said. 

The eFeed-Hungers project was proud to announce that over 500 food pantry locations were made available, with Iowa possessing 300 of these. However, according to recent food data collections in Story County, people are still suffering from hunger. 

“Those that need help should get it–soon,” Sharma said. “We hope having more food pantries on display will help.”

Sharma does not take on this program alone. Research cofounder of eFeed-Hungers, Ritu Shandilya, shares her expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Shandilya also holds a doctorate in computer science.

“She is a great wife and mother, and she deserves credit for all she does behind the scenes,” Sharma said.  

When asked what the future held for eFeed-Hungers, Dr. Sharma said, “The ultimate target goal would be to maximize our outreach.”

“People use our services here and even in India. How far we go depends on the number of locations and donors helping,” Sharma said.

Sharma reminds people of the importance of going green.

“Tell your community members, neighbors, family and friends to not waste resourceful material,” Sharma said.

People wanting to get involved, either to donate or receive food, can seek assistance from the eFeed-Hungers group. Those interested can visit to learn more details regarding food pantry time openings.