“It Takes Two”: A new game with a partner twist

“It Takes Two” is a multiplayer game.

“It Takes Two” is a multiplayer game.

Monroe Brackey

“It Takes Two” is a multiplayer game where the two main characters, May and Cody, are parents getting a divorce. After their only child, Rose cries her rare tears onto two dolls she made that represent her parents, May and Cody, magically transform into the dolls.

Dr. Hakium, “The Book of Love” takes them through a nine-chapter journey to get the couple back together through a series of tasks that require teamwork.

You could play this by yourself, but luckily, if you have a friend or partner, one of you will buy the game in the store of your console or PC while the other receives the free pass to play, and the gameplay begins.

Playing the two characters May and Cody, you’re taken and challenged to fight to get back to normal before it’s too late and you can no longer become human.

On the journey of rediscovering their love, May and Cody might inspire you and your friend to work through difficult situations together, maybe arguing while you’re at it. 

Through the game, you’ll realize that even though you may fight, you still care for them, and that might be the whole point of the game.

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Past this point will include spoilers of gameplay.

Personally, I played this game with my boyfriend, and yes, we did fight, but we also had a lot of fun. The nine different chapters had kept me interested in the game, with a different theme around every corner.

While I didn’t appreciate tearing apart a living toy elephant or riding on a fluffy spider, the game had overall aspects that kept me thrilled for the end, wondering if May and Cody were going to get back together or still end up getting divorced.

I would rate this game a 5/5 for the plot and design. I highly recommend playing this with someone or by yourself. While this is a game, there are some fun lessons to learn about yourself and others.

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